Short Term Insurance


Short Term Household & Car Insurance

Let’s face it, the only way to know what you should be paying (and to get the cheapest cover) is to compare insurance companies against each other by getting specific quotes to see which can offer you the best value for your needs – get your quotes to compare here »

Paying for insurance is a cost that you don’t necessarily see a direct benefit for, a grudge expense, unless you fall victim to an unforeseen incident…

… in which case you will be grateful that you have a reliable, professional & competent insurance company that you can deal & one that has provided you with the best cover at the lowest cost.

You could be saving significant cash on your monthly insurance premiums…

Save Money on Short Term Insurance – SA

Since its inception Hippo has established itself as one of the most dependable, reliable and service driven insurance providers in South Africa today.

Hippo can not only help you get the best insurance deal for your car or household contents, but they will help you save significant amounts on your premiums.

Some of the benefits you will derive from Hippo…

    • Hippo will provide you with up to 17 car insurance quotes from which you can compare costs & the packages which will suit your needs – and it can all be done online quickly & easily
    • Hippo will also help you find the right home insurance quote to protect everything you own – from home household contents to cover for the actual building.
    • Hippo can also assist you get the best Business, Life & Medical Insurance – all online

Get peace of mind and let Hippo safeguard you against any unexpected loss which could be as the result of an accident or crime and ensure that you are safely protected and insured.

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